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Fresh Colors Painting pledges to complete this project to your full satisfaction, with minimal disruption to your normal daily routine. Many of our clients find it helpful to know in advance exactly what to expect in connection with our work. Here are a few points we share with them.

    Before We Arrive

Before we begin our work, especially when there are multiple rooms and ceilings involved, we can decide together what work will be done in what order. Our general strategy is to work in specific areas, cleaning up and moving on to the next area. This minimizes disruption to our clients and often allows the completed area to be used for storage of other items from the new work area. Bathrooms and Kitchens that are not complete at the end of the day are left in a usable condition at the end of the day whenever possible.

    Working Hours

Our normal working hours are 8:30 AM -5:30 PM. We can work with you on specific scheduling needs if necessary.

    Preparing the room

Although my team and I will take extraordinary care with your furniture and other personal possessions in the work area, I urge you to take a few moments a day or so before work is scheduled to begin to place items of value (sentimental or otherwise) in a safe place away from the work area. Such items include wall art, stemware, vases, and framed photographs and pictures. We'll remove or cover throw and area rugs before we begin. Curtains and draperies will need to be removed, we're happy to help with that. When painting windows and surrounding trim we will remove and replace the blinds and drapery rods.

    Some things to consider:

If you are planning on replacing light fixtures and curtain rods as part of redecorating be sure to let us know. Since fixture base sizes often vary, we'll want to make sure the wall or ceiling damage from the old fixture is repaired and ready for your new lights. Since there's no better time to clean light fixture glass our customers often take the opportunity to clean them in the evening or when they get a minute. Just let us know where to set them for you.

As a rule, we patch all nail and screw holes and remove all anchors in the walls, ceilings and trim. If you have picture holes or hangers that are in "just the right spot" let us know, we'll mark them and leave them in place.

If you plan on changing the flooring after we paint, it's important we know, especially when painting floor trim. We will want to make sure that the trim looks good if the new floor covering is "lower" than the old. (A good example would be carpet to wood, tile or a lower pile carpet.)

If your switch and outlet covers are looking dated or you just want a new look, now is a good time to do so. We'll make sure any damage from removal of the old ones is repaired. Furnish us with the new covers and we'll be happy to install them if you like when we're done. If your covers are painted and you don't wish to change them, we'll paint them off of the wall if possible for easy removal in the future.

    When Work Begins

    Kids and Pets

We love our kids and our pets and so do you! Let's keep them out of harms way.

We don't mind having dogs and cats around. You only need to confine them if you think its best. Let's discuss any specific instructions you may have to keep them safe and sound. If there are cats or small dogs, we'll make sure heating and return air duct openings remain covered for their safety.

If there are small children or toddlers in the household we'll make sure our tools and equipment are stored safely and ladders are inaccessible. If they may access the work area, we'll replace the outlet and light covers at the end of the day.


We need approximately 2-3' clearance around the walls to do the painting. We'll move the furniture, generally to the middle or end of the room. We'll discuss moving entertainment centers, computers and large televisions individually with you. We generally only disconnect wires that go to the wall, such as cable and electric etc. Wires will be labeled for accurate replacement.


The Fresh Colors Painting team will take exceptional care of your furniture, appliances, carpeting and other flooring, windows and doors. We achieve this by using painters tape and plastic sheeting, as well as drop cloths throughout the affected work area. We try to minimize the effect of drywall dust, a necessary bi-product of repairs by isolating those areas, typically with plastic sheeting as a shield in doorways and openings whenever possible.

If yours is a project of more than one day's duration, we will modify your plastic sheeting and other protective arrangements at the end of each work day to allow your family as close to "normal" living as possible for the length of the project.

    Before We Leave

Regarding after-project cleanup, our goal is that you do not even realize a painting company has been to your home-except, that is, for the dazzling, skillfully applied Fresh Colors on the selected areas of your home! We'll vacuum and sweep and make sure everything is as we found it. Leftover paint will be stored and marked with a date and use for your convenience if touchups become necessary at a later date.

There's nothing like a second set of eyes…or maybe a third. We inspect each others work for things we may miss. Just like buying a new car, you can't be expected to help us spot any or all flaws in a few minutes. If anything comes to your attention after we leave let us know and we'll make sure it's taken care of expeditiously. This offer is a standard part of the Fresh Colors Painting procedure. Why? Because your full satisfaction is of paramount importance to me and my team-and because I want you to be eager to contact Fresh Colors Painting for your next interior or exterior project.


I am proud to say that many clients offer to be a reference for Fresh Colors Painting. We always contact the client who is going to be used as a reference so that they will know to expect to be contacted and by whom. Your personal information is never sold or shared with the public.

Thank you for allowing Fresh Colors Painting to work at your home!

Fresh Colors Painting
Gary Bouffard -owner

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